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Graduate Program Hope Now USA

The Plight of the Orphan Graduate

Most orphans in Ukraine are forced to leave the orphanage around the age of 15. These orphan graduates are then left to face the world without anyone to support or advocate for them. Because most orphans have not been taught how to make basic life decisions on their own, compounded by the emotional and social scars many have from abandonment or abuse, a staggering amount of orphan graduates fall into crime, prostitution or alcoholism after they leave the orphanage. Sadly, 60-70% of Ukrainian orphan graduates become involved in prostitution or organized crime. Twenty percent of children graduating from Internats at age 16 end up in prison. Ten percent go on to commit or attempt suicide. Others embrace alcoholism and produce a new generation for the orphanage.

Hope Now is dedicated to providing these orphan graduates with a different future.

Through our Orphan Graduate Program, which focuses on continued education, safe housing, and Christian communities, orphan graduates in Ukraine can have hope for the future.


Most children in Ukraine attend high school through 11th grade, after which they graduate with a High School Diploma. However, most orphanage schools only offer school through 9th grade. This gives orphan graduates a significant disadvantage when they apply to trade school or college. Less than 1% of orphan graduates attend college, and many face rejections when applying to local trade schools. 

Hope Now has partnered with Sophia School, a local Christian school in Cherkasy, to offer the Elevate Scholarship to promising orphan graduates each year. Recipients of this scholarship are given the opportunity to finish their high school education at Sophia School and thereafter graduate with a High School Diploma. Graduation from Sophia School will open endless new doors for college and beyond for these Elevate Scholars. 


Hope Now currently offers two safe housing options for orphan graduates. The first is a flat in Cherkasy that is designed for older boys who have graduated from the orphanage and are now approaching their early 20’s. This flat, supervised by a Christian couple, is designed for orphan graduates who have finished their education and are now employed in the city of Cherkasy. The young men who live in this flat are mentored by local Christians, invited into the homes of Christian families, and encouraged to be involved in local churches as they navigate early adulthood in the growing city of Cherkasy. 

The second housing option is a Pre-Independence Home located in the village of Khutory, a short bus ride from the city of Cherkasy. The home is scheduled to be finished in Spring 2019. It will be a safe haven for 10-12 teenage orphan graduates as they learn and develop necessary skills to lead an independent life while continuing their education at a local trade school or college. As orphan graduates live in this home, surrounded by Christian mentors and house parents, they will have access to the many opportunities and supportive communities of the city of Cherkasy, including our weekly Youth Group and many strong, Christ-centered churches.

Christian Community

Hope Now partners with local churches and ministries in order to provide supportive, Christian communities for teenage orphan graduates. One of the main ways Hope Now supports these graduates is through a weekly Youth Group in Cherkasy. Hope Now volunteers lead this weekly meeting as they mentor and encourage orphans in Christ throughout the week. Our Youth Group is a wonderful time for orphan graduates between the ages of 15-23 to come together and be uplifted and nurtured through prayer and Bible studies. 

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