Orphan Sponsorships

Orphan Sponsorships

Hope Now’s Orphan Sponsorship Program focuses on providing comprehensive, individualized care for each child, from nutrition to health/hygiene, to counseling while exposing them to the Gospel.

Your $25 monthly sponsorship provides loving care including:

Christian  Education



Urgent  Medical Care


Medical Care

Warm  Clothes



Personal  Mentor



Orphanage  Repairs



Graduation  Advice



Hygiene  Support



Prayer Partner



About the Orphanage

Hope Now has built a trusting relationship with Shpola Orphanage over the past several years. The town of Shpola is the official geographical center of Ukraine. The orphanage provides both education and housing for up to 200 children, aged 6-16 years.

The orphanage receives government funds to meet basic needs, and their dedicated staff is very resourceful in stretching every available penny. However, with so many children to house, educate and care for the need is greater than provided funds. The 230 yr. old buildings are crumbling and the grossly underpaid staff is constantly making repairs to try to make the children’s living conditions more bearable.

Children come from various backgrounds and circumstances. Some are orphaned through the loss of parents, some are abandoned, and for some the state has determined their parents are not fit to raise them. For these and other reasons, the children are set back in their education. Most do not have hopes or dreams they can verbalize.

You can give hope to an orphan now

When you chose to sponsor an orphan, you enter into a relationship with this child through prayer, letter writing, giving birthday gifts, and donating $25 per month. This monthly financial gift supports Hope Now’s programs which provide spiritual, material, and emotional support to orphans.

Our director, Cyndee Knight, and a team of dedicated Ukrainian volunteers visit Shpola Orphanage regularly to carry out Hope Now programs and distribute sponsor letters and gifts. You may send cards or photos to our Atlanta office, and we will make sure they are translated and delivered to your sponsored child. You are also invited to serve as a leader at our annual Shpola Summer Camp or come along on our Fall Sponsor’s trip where you can meet your sponsored child in person.

How much of your gift goes directly to the children?

$2 of your monthly gift is needed for overhead to administer the program. The balance lifts up Shpola Orphanage and the needs of your sponsored child. Thank you for praying about and considering this special gift, which will change the lives of these precious ones.


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