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by Cyndee Knight May 08, 2017

“We don’t have to judge other people, or to make fun of them when they are not very beautiful, because people are beautiful inside. God loves everyone.” – Dima K., grade 4

As part of our Christian Education program, God has called me to use the connections I’ve made in Ukraine, to link orphans and their families to the local community.  So, in addition to our Youth Group for Shpola Orphanage Graduates, I recently invited Sophia Christian School’s theatre group to Shpola Orphanage to get acquainted with the children and staff there. Together, the Shpola kids and Sophia School kids put together a great assembly! Check out our 2 minute video by scrolling to the bottom of our Community page here:

I told the kids in advance, that they would see some interesting things on stage, and that they should pay close attention to the drama being presented.  The drama was a well-acted excerpt from “Le Petit Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, complete with beautiful costumes, sound effects and music. After the performance, I asked the kids to think carefully about what they saw and learned, and to write a short reflection about it.  Here’s what a few said…

 “We should love our friends if we want to keep them. We should also be generous, do good things and love our neighbors because God loves all of us. We always have an opportunity to change our mistakes to become a better person. Please come again.” – Ivan G., 5th grade

“I liked the drama very much. You need to appreciate real friends, and if you have a friend you need to do everything you can not to lose him.  An old friend is better than a new one. And if you have such a friend, you have more happiness, kindness and sun in your life. Thank you for everything.” – Maxim G., 7th grade

Relationships are budding between Sophia School and children at Shpola Orphanage.  Bringing groups like this helps us reinforce our Christian message to these children living in such isolation.  Students at Sophia School have asked us to be on our volunteer teams that go out to Shpola for our twice monthly Sunday School Days. They also want to come to Kompas Park during our Shpola camps to get to know the Shpola kids better.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful, for these young Christian students to take an interest and make an impact on their peers at Shpola? That is the next step – to merge the two groups at our upcoming Kompas Park summer camps. 

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Cyndee Knight
Cyndee Knight